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Learn to create design impact on a larger scale through different lenses, capacities and organizations.  



June 30th, 6-9PM @ Atmosphere, 2400 E Cesar Chavez


Event Agenda

Chat, chew, and workshop!

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Civic Design & Innovation Panel

Sit down with the city and members of government to discuss how technology and design are impacting our daily city life. 

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From Research to Value Proposition

Learn ways of generating and synthesizing research to target product opportunities in the public space.

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Community Design

Hear how sustainable design and capacity building are helping to improve our neighborhoods in low to moderate income families.

Civic Design & Innovation Panel, Panel Moderator
Lauren Serota

Lauren Serota leads global research, strategy and design projects. She is a member of the founding faculty at the Austin Center for Design, and has trained and coached individuals and teams in design and design strategy across academic and commercial contexts. Her work blends design delivery and capacity-building models, grounded in a belief that those on the frontline are best suited to realize design work. 


Independently, as well as through past relationships with companies such as Lextant, frog and Studio D Radiodurans, she has worked with a volume of commercial, government, and nonprofit clients.

Lauren joins us to moderate our Designing with Government panel.

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ac4d Alumni Workshop Facilitators
Eric Boggs & Diana Griffin

Diana Griffin is the VP of Product at Aunt Bertha, a social services platform that helps people find and make referrals to social services such as food, healthcare, work, financial assistance and more. Diana has focus and interest working at the intersection of design, education and entrepreunership.

Eric Boggs is a Senior Associate at Thinktiv, an innovation firm that invents and transforms companies. Eric has a background in interaction design and is passionate about building technology solutions that serve innate human needs, particularly within healthcare and education sectors. 

Diana and Eric have teamed up to lead us through a workshop that highlights the value of design research and synthesis for civic engagement. 

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Executive Director, Austin Community Design & Development Center
Nicole Joslin

As Executive Director of the Austin Community Design & Development Center, Nicole works to fulfill the Center’s mission to support the creation of affordable living opportunities through community-engaged design. Nicole is a licensed Architect with a Master’s in Community and Regional Planning and experience in disaster recovery, community engagement, and sustainable community development. Nicole is also part of the EquityCollective, a group of design activists working as accomplices to social justice movements; serves on the board of Evolve Austin Partners, which champions the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan; and serves as the chair of the Austin Housing Coalition, which represents the community of “housers” across Austin and Central Texas.

We are priviliged to have Nicole join us to discuss the impact of capacity building and sustainable design to serve the needs of low and moderate income individuals and neighborhoods.

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