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Design House



 A place to grow design skills with community, collaboration and hands-on work.



Design House Events

Engage with creative friends as we address today’s problems in a co-learning environment.

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Craft Connection

This workshop event brings a new 2017 design aspiration and shares it with the larger group. Make fast connections, gain new perspectives and work out solutions in team-based settings. 

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Designing the Future Self

This workshop event reimagines a new you as we explore the future of design culture, work and self, with special guest designers.

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Designing For Impact

This workshop event focuses on social change and the larger environment. People join together to identify community challenges and seek out future scenarios for today’s increasing wicked problems.

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Make Stuff together

We inspire and build design thinking through a network of co-learning, community and real hands-on work.

We believe the best way to learn is to experience real world problems through a learning-by-doing approach. This means tackling challenges with a diverse set of tools and perspectives. We believe aspiring professionals need constant inspiration to support their career journey, whether it means leveling up or learning something new.

Design House works by bringing people together to solve challenges as a community to help everyone grow.

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    In a lightening round, we connected people to everyone in the room. Participants introduced who they are. They present a challenge their working on and gain fast feedback from opposite partners.

  • Team Up


    In small teams, work directly with other participants who have skills you are seeking to help you move your projects forwards. Work closely in a core team format to iterate, validate, and accelerate progress. Get equipped with guidance and teaser UX methods to get the conversation flowing.


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